Vasna Aguilar , born in Bern Switzerland , received her education as a professional Dancer at the Hamburg Balletschool John Neumeier and at the University for the Arts,  Codarts which was supported by the Migros Scholarship and the Fondation Hélène and Marcel Perincioli during three years.

After her education she joins the Tanz Luzerner Theater under the direction of Kathleen Mc- Nurney as a junior dancer . She then joins the Dance Company Osnabrück under the direction of Mauro de Candia.  And continues working for Companies such as DaMotus , Thomas Noone Dance , Deutsche Oper Berlin. She works for choreographers such as André Mesquita , Olivier Py , Georg Reischl , Shang – Chi Sun , Jacqueline Davenport , Martino Müller , Thomas Noone and others . During her time as a dancer in Osnabrück she encounters Theaterdirector Henri Hüster and soon joins him during a first work at Kampnagel Hamburg. Up to today Hüster and Aguilar continuously explore the relationship betweet dance and language . Vasna Aguilar is currently based in Berlin , Germany .