Choreography by Vasna Aguilar

Theater Osnabrück, Germany – Beginning / After  – Double Bill (Cancelled Covid)

Premiere by Vasna Aguilar and Fernando Melo. Beginning, moving on and saying goodbye are the interweaving themes of the double evening Beginning / After. It begins with a piece by Vasna Aguilar, who belonged to the Dance Company Osnabrück as dancer. For Vasna Aguilar the theme of the evening is connected with the terms „moving on“, being in motion, change, trust and time. Fernando Melo, a choreographer from Brazil, is characterized by his constant venturing into new,  unknown territory. He works worldwide as a choreographer and director for dance, theatre and opera. Now Fernando Melo accepts the invitation to Osnabrück to create a piece for the second part of the double evening.


Premiere: June 19th 2021 ( cancelled )

Avigdor Classics #1 Concert – Music and Dance – Works by Tchaikovsky | Mahler | Schubert and Janáček

The opening of this year’s Avigdor Classics festival features the string sextet „Souvenir de Florence“, which heralds the festival motto „Souvenir musical“ in an exuberant and effervescent manner. Tchaikovsky wrote this brilliant yet tender work in memory of a summer stay in Florence. These are intimate memories of places one has grown fond of and which become an inspiration. In Janacek’s string quartet „Intimate Letters“, this theme is expressed by dancers and musicians in a symbiotic performance. Music and dance merge, inspire and reflect each other. Let yourself in for a very special concert experience with music and dance. 


Programme: P. Tchaikovsky | String Sextet in D minor, „Souvenir de Florence“ op.70 (Part 1) / G. Mahler | Piano Quartet in A minor P. Tchaikovsky I  Souvenir d’un lieu cher op.42 for violin and piano ( excerpt )/ F. Schubert | Adagio in E flat major for piano, violin and violoncello, D 897 („Notturno“) L.Janacek I String Quartet No. 2 for two violins, viola and violoncello, “ Intimate Letters“ ( with dance) / G. Puccini | „Crisantemi“ for two violins, viola and violoncello

Presse: Der Bund 

Premiere: 16.05.2019

Dance Company Osnabrück, Festival for contemporary theatre – Encounters

A person approaches. Our personal perception decides which information about this person is evaluated and how. People are emotional beings, they have a selective view: How do we react to each other? What attracts us? What repels us? And why? The dance piece Encounters examines encounters and interactions in public space.


Credits: Choreography: Vasna Aguilar, Music: Emil Lewandowski, Stage & costumes: Christine Bertl, Dramaturgy: Patricia Stöckemann, with dancers from the Dance Company Osnabrück, © Photo: Uwe Lewandowski

Presse: NOZ Artikel 

Premiere: 2017

Theater Osnabrück, Germany – Young choreographers evening – Lights on him

Selected for the Fresh.Youngsters Festival, Braunschweig under the direction of Jan Pusch. 

A body brightly lit on a stage. Four shadows of the same body point in different directions. Fragmented stories emerge. They connect through smallest impulses and dissolve and leave the bodies again. 

Credits: Choreography, set, lighs: Vasna Aguilar, Dancers of the Danz Company Osnabrück: David Lukas Hemm, Lennard Huysentruyt, Hsiao Ting Liao,  Dramaturgy : Patricia Stöckemann,  Photo: Uwe Lewandowski, 

Duration : 12 min 

Premiere: 2015

Theater Osnabrück, Germany –  Young choreographers evening – Welcome to our dressing room

Our dressing room is a kind of in-between space, a place between privacy and work sphere. We are among us women there, there is an intimacy. Many emotions and stories come together in this space.


Credits: Concept, choreography: Vasna Felicia Aguilar, Dancers: Chris Bauer, Noemi Emauela Martone, Hsiao-Ting Liao, © Photo: Uwe Lewandowski


Premiere: 2014

Research, Open Windows 2013 – Young choreographers evening , Theater Osnabrück 

Vasna Aguilar’s piece unfolds in a rather light-footed, elegant and fast-paced manner, and is consequently formally well thought-out. Movement are explored to the utmost and may also tip over into the clownish, distorted and expressive. 

Credits: Photo: Uwe Lewandowski, Dancers on Photo: Liat Gabay, Christopher Havner

Premiere: 2013


Projects and Creations in collaboration with Henri Hüster

New Normal Art Basel, Switzerland – If your lifestyle is like my lifestyle

A dancer in front of a green screen tries to approach the essence of the algorithm with her movements. Sometimes in fragmented sequences of movements, sometimes more choreographed, she begins a dance with the algorithm Porfiry. The performance „If your lifestyle is like my lifestyle“ is an evocation. Algorithms are hyperobjects. Invisible in the background, we do not see them. Although they are there. Everywhere and all the time. The green screen is a sign as well as a theatrical prop and image-generating surface that makes the algorithm tangible. In the performance, the digital and the real bend together – until they touch, merge, lose themselves in each other. 

Credits: Dance and Performance: Vasna Aguilar, Camera: Piet Esch, Text: Joël Laszlo, Direction: Henri Hüster

Premiere: 14.05.2021

Fleetstreet Residency Hamburg, Germany 

Vasna Aguilar, Lea Burkhalter, Lukas Gander and Henri Hüster work on theatre forms between drama and dance. As „Alyx“, they deal with the future at Fleetstreet: If the problems we have no longer existed, what would we have? A director reminiscent of John Cassavetes is working on a science fiction film. He is not interested in technology, but in the emotional atrophy of human beings. „Alyx“ lands on the planet Paradise as an agent on a special mission from the past and has to discover that the neurotic people only talk about themselves. An algorithm under the name Porfirij Petrowitsch is supposed to make the internet a safe place. A collage of scenes, situations and atmospheres of future worlds is created from texts by various authors. Drafts of the future from the last century are contrasted with the already existing „spaces“ of the Internet. The visible and invisible, parallel, virtual, material, direct and indirect are to dissolve in favour of a theatrical-filmic structure.  


Credits: Performance: Lukas Gander & Vasna Aguilar, Choreography: Vasna Aguilar, Stage & Costume: Lea Burkhalter, Direction: Henri Hüster 

Research Period: April 2021

Kunst Universität Graz, Austria – Entwurf für ein Totaltheater after Anne Lepper

Bonnie’s drama begins with her escape from a marriage in which she seems to have everything. But immediately she lands in the next dependent relationship. In the civil service and alongside a kitchen maid, she is responsible for distributing sausage sandwiches. Protected by an elderly lady and harassed by a strong-voiced police choir, that really can’t be all. The real path leads to the theatre – and there is supposed to be a leading role up for grabs at the next full moon. With a very physical approach, the 3rd year drama students approach the play and their own longings for a theatre of the future.

Acting students of the 3rd year: Gregor AISTLEITNER, Clara-Luise BAUER, Rebekka BIENER, Alexander GERLINI, Levin HOFMANN, Anna KRASEMANN, Yasmin MOWAFEK, Martin PEÑALOZA CECCONI, Izabella RADIĆ, Georg SANTNER
Director: Henri HÜSTER, Stage and costumes: Veronika MÜLLER-HAUSZER, Choreography: Vasna AGUILAR, Music & Sound Design: Severin, DORNIER and Dakota WAYNE, Dramaturgy: Gabriele C. PFEIFFER

Premiere: 18.01.2021

Klabauter Theater Hamburg, Germany – Publikumsbeschimpfung after Peter Handke

Directed by Henri Hüster, Stage and costumes: Lea Burkhalter, Choreography: Vasna Aguilar, Music: Florian Polzin, Lights: Jan Walsh, Cast: Amon Nirandorn, Agnes Wessalowski, Dagmar Dethlefsen, Dorothee Reumann, Emily Willkomm, Kamila Taller, Katrin Heins, Lars Pietzko, Lukas Gander, Marc-André Steffen, Pauline Stöhr, Sabrina Fries, Sven Olejnik, Thea Sagawe, Photos: Jakob Stolz, Gisela Köhler

Premiere: 29.10.2020





Konzert Theater Bern – Schuld und Sühne 

The student Rodion Raskolnikov lives in a cramped chamber and dozes off in dark thoughts. The desire to transgress boundaries and an obscure image of man eventually lead him to commit murder. Afterwards, Raskolnikov has to live with his guilt and loneliness and encounters all kinds of figures along the way who accompany him as adversaries and supporters. With Crime and Punishment, Dostoyevsky has created one of the central works of world literature. It deals with questions that are rightly not losing their topicality: What idea of morality underlies our actions? And what happens when we have acted but the moral basis suddenly seems ridiculous to us? How strongly these questions permeate not only the mind, but also the human body, is what the young team is addressing. 


Credits: Directon: Henri Hüster, Stage Lea Burkhalter, Costumes: Marie Sturminger, Music: Florentin Berger-Monit, Johannes Wernicke, Choreography: Vasna Aguilar, Light: Patricia Zwahlen, Dramaturgy: Lea Lustenberger, Photo: Annette Boutellier

Premiere: 27.02.2020

RICHARD III after William Shakespeare, Wuppertaler Bühnen


Credits: Director: Henri Hüster, Stage & Costumes: Hanna Rode, Choreography: Vasna Aguilar, Music: Florentin Berger-Monit, Johannes Wernicke, Dramaturgy: Barbara Noth, Assistant director: Jonas Willardt, Assistant director: Verena Meis, Cast: Thomas Braus, Lena Vogt, Julia Reznik, Martin Petschan, Alexander Peiler, Konstantin Rickert, Julia Meier, Miko Greza, Julia Wolff, Photos: Jakob Schnetz


Für das Publikum hält diese Aufführung absoluten Genuss an der hochartistischen Körpersprache des darstellenden Spiels bereit. …Wie im Flug vergeht diese Shakespeare – Zeit – auf keinen Fall sollte man sie verpassen! – Bergische Blätter


Premiere: 12.05.2019


Lichthof Theater Hamburg & TD Berlin, Start off  – Irre after Rainald Goetz

Rainald Goetz’s autobiographically inspired novel resounds as a kaleidoscope of voices: Lunatics, doctors, relatives, opponents and advocates of psychiatry appear and disappear again. Scenes, songs and documentaries intertwine energetically and throw the categories of normality and madness into a tailspin. In collaboration with the choreographer Vasna Aguilar, Henri Hüster stages a mixture of drama and dance that asks with Goetz: „How do we want to live? What do I have to think in order to properly understand what I feel when I see what is happening?“ 


Direction: Henri Hüster, Choreography: Vasna Aguilar, Dramaturgy: Lena Carle, Stage: Lea Burkhalter, Costume design: Marie Sturminger, Assistant director: Stella Ruszkowski, Stage assistance: Eva Wagner, Lights: Sönke C. Herm, Photo: Angelina Vernetti, with Vasna Aguilar, Aurel von Arx, Anna Eger and Lukas Gander 

Sponsored by the Hamburg Cultural Foundation. The Mara and Holger Cassens Foundation, the Lichthof Foundation and the Rusch Foundation.


Premiere: 21.01.2017