Alyx / Fleetstreet Residency Hamburg 
Vasna Aguilar, Lea Burkhalter, Lukas Gander and Henri Hüster work during their 1-month residency at Fleetstreet on theater forms between acting and dance. As „Alyx“ they deal with the future: If the problems we have would not exist anymore, which ones would we have? A director reminiscent of John Cassavetes is working on a science fiction film. He is not interested in technology but in the emotional atrophy of human beings. A collage of scenes, situations and atmospheres of future worlds is created from texts by various authors. Future drafts of the last century are contrasted with the already existing „spaces“ of the internet. Visible and invisible, parallel, virtual, material, direct and indirect are to dissolve in favor of a theatrical-filmic structure. Picture © Lea Burkhalter

BEGINNING / AFTER , Theater Osnabrück ( Cancelled / Covid ) Uraufführung / Vasna Aguilar und Fernando Melo / Double Bill 




Choreography, Stage, Costume: Vasna AguilarChoreography Assistence Leonardo CentiDramaturgy Patricia StöckemannPerformers: Dance Company Osnabrück

Beginning, moving on and saying goodbye are the interweaving themes of the double evening BEGINNING / AFTER. It begins with a piece by Vasna Aguilar, who belonged to the Dance Company Theater Osnabrück as a young dancer. She received her first engagement here in the 2012 / 13 season. She immediately took the opportunity to try her hand as a choreographer in the newly created format OPEN WINDOWS. When she left Osnabrück after three years to pursue her own path as a freelance dancer and choreographer, she remained connected to the dance ensemble and its direction and returned as a choreographer for the production ENCOUNTER / BEGEGNUNG as part of the festival SPIELTRIEBE 7. Now, in her last season under the direction of Mauro de Candia, she has been invited to develop a piece for BEGINNING / AFTER. For Vasna Aguilar, the theme of the evening is linked to „continuation“, „being in motion“, „change“, „trust“ and also „time“.

Crime and Punishment,  Fjodor Michailowitsch Dostojewski, Konzert Theater Bern / Direction: Henri Hüster, Stage: Lea Burkhalter, Costume: Marie Sturminger, Choreography: Vasna Aguilar, Music: Florentin Berger-Monti, Johannes Wernicke, Dramaturgie: Lea Lustenberger, Performers: Grazia Pergoletti, Jonathan Loosli, Marie Popall, David Brückner, Nico Delpy, Photo: Annette Boutellier

Festival Avigdor Classics / Music and dance merge, inspire and reflect each other. Get ready for a very special concert experience with music and dance. PARTICIPANTS: Festival musicians, Choreography & Dance: Vasna Aguilar, Amadeus Pawlica PROGRAMME: P. Tchaikovsky | String Sextet in D minor, „Souvenir de Florence“ op.70 (Part 1) / G. Mahler | Piano Quartet in A minor / P. Tchaikovski | Souvenir d’un lieu cher op. 42 for violin and piano (excerpt) / F. Schubert | Adagio in E flat major for piano, violin and violoncello, D 897 („Notturno“) / L. Janácek | String Quartet No. 2 for two violins, viola and violoncello, „Intimate Letters“ (with dance) /G. Puccini | „Crisantemi“ for two violins, viola and violoncello

Versuch über die Schwierigkeit Nein zu sagen, Lichthof Theater Hamburg / Direction: Henri Hüster, Stage: Lea Burkhalter, Choreography, Vasna Aguilar, Costumes: Marie Sturminger, Dramaturgy: Lena Carle,  Performers: Lukas Gander, Vasna Aguilar, Pauline Stöhr, Julia Franz Richter, Photo: Jakob Schnetz

Encounters, Dance Company Osnabrück, Theater Osnabrück, Spieltriebe Festival for contemporary Theater/ Choreography: Vasna Aguilar, Dramaturgy: Patricia Stöckemann, Assistent: Leonardo Centi, Music and Composition: Neinzer Emil Lewandowski, Performers: Dance Company Osnabrück

Richard III, Text: William Shakespeare, Wuppertaler Bühnen / Direction: Henri Hüster, Stage and Costumes: Hanna Rode, Choreography: Vasna Aguilar, Music: Florentin Berger monti, Johannes Wernicke, Dramaturgy: Barbara Noth, Performers: Acting Ensemble Wuppertaler Bühnen, Phots: Jakob Schnetz

Irre, Text: Rainald Goetz, Lichthof Theater Hamburg / Direction: Henri Hüster, Choreography: Vasna Aguilar, Dramaturgy: Lena Carle, Stage: Lea Burkhalter, Costume, Marie Sturminger, Assistent: Eva Wagner, Light: Sönke C.Herm, Photo:Angelina Vernetti, Performers: Lukas Gander, Aurel von Arx, Anna Eger, Vasna Aguilar

Ein weiteres Beispiel für die Durchlässigkeit gewisser Grenzen, Text: David Foster Wallace, Kampnagel Hamburg, Direction: Henri Hüster, Choreography: Vasna Aguilar, Stage: Lea Burkhalter, Costume: Martha Lange, Dramaturgy: Nikolai Ulbricht, Video: Benedikt Werth, Performers: Katharina Bin’s, Julia Richter, Vasna Aguilar, Marius Bistritzky, Lukas Gander, Pauls Grote, Marie Popall, Gabriel Schneider, Milena Straube, Tamara Theisen 

Guy standing in a field – Lights on him, Open Windows,Young Choreographers,  Emma Theater Osnabrück / Invited to Fresh Youngster  Braunschweig, Festival Direction Jan Pusch / Choreography: Vasna Aguilar, Performers: Dance Company Osnabrück

Welcome to our Dressing room, Open Windows, Young Choreographers, Emma Theater Osnabrück / Choreography: Vasna Aguilar, Performers: Dance Company Osnabrück