I don’t have a line

2015, Acker Palast Berlin/ English Theater Berlin/ Felt Acts Exhibition Bosse & Baum Gallery London


In creating this piece we look at the constant narrative of
failure a dancer deals with while dancing: The internal
dialogue borne out of years of being explicitly critiqued
before , during and after action.
I don’t have a line is based on observations and
selfreflection. It is an energetic physical journey that
speaks about the fact , that dancers shouln’t be putting so
much pressure on themselfes in order to be perfect or fulfill
an ideal. Like life , we belive , dance is more about the
process than about the outcome. Everytime you step into a
class , rehearsal or performance , you have an unique
opportunity to learn about yourself and others , so that,
regardless of the short – term outcome , you can grow.

Konzept, Tanz und Choreografie: Ruby Wilson, Vasna Aguilar/ Bühne und Kostüm: Grace Nicholas/ Musik (live): Emil LewandowskiSaxophone (Aufnahme): Ibon Goitia

Dauer: 30min

Foto: © Nicholas Grace