Vasna Felicia Aguilar

Born in Bern Switzerland, the Swiss-Mexican dancer and choreographer Vasna Aguilar completed her professional training as a classical dancer at the Hamburg Ballet School John Neumeier. She is an award winner of the swiss Migros Kulturprozent Prize  and the study prize of the Hélène and Marcel Perincioli Jörns Foundation. Her studies were followed by a bachelor’s degree in contemporary dance at the University of the Arts Codarts in Rotterdam. She gained her first stage experiences with the Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier and later on as a junior dancer at the Tanz Luzerner Theater in Switzerland under the direction of Kathleen Mc Nurney. Followed by a  engagement at Dance Company Osnabrück under the direction of Mauro de Candia she then began working as an international freelance guest dancer and choreographer in 2015. She performed in creations and repertoire by various choreographers including Georg Reischl, Shang Chi – Sun, Mauro de Candia, Olivier Py, John Neumeier, Company Da Motus, Pierre Lacotte, Susanne Linke, Company Thomas Noone Dance, Andre Mesquita, IDT Amsterdam, Mary Wigman, Vaslav Nijinsky, Heidi Vierthaler, Ersan Mondtag, Rob Fordeyn, Deutsche Oper Berlin.

Within the framework of the series „Open Windows –  young choreographers –  Theater Osnabrück“ she began to create her first choreographic short pieces in 2015. Her creation „A guy standing in a field – lights on him“ got selected  by Jan Pusch for the Fresh.youngster festival in Braunschweig, Germany. Later she was invited by director Mauro de Candia to create „Encounters“ a further work for the Dance Company Osnabrück which premiered at the Spieltriebe Festival 7. Since then, her interest as a choreographer in working across genres, resulted in collaborations with the Festival for Chamber Music Avigdor Classics, Munich Volkstheater, Kunstmuseum Thun Switzerland, the Mart Stam Prize 2017 group exhibition at Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien by Artist duo Rentsch/Kleemann and Roman Hagenbrock and the Quartier am Hafen Köln in collaboration with Gustavo Gomes.

In the constellation, both as a dancer and choreographer, Vasna Aguilar continuously works with german stage director Henri Hüster. In their work in the independent scene and at national theaters, they explore the relationship between body and language. In the rehearsal process, the physical expression of the performers gets treated equally to the spoken word. In close collaboration with the artistic team including stage designer Lea Burkhalter, stage and costume designer Hanna Rode and the composers Florentin Berger – Monit and Johannes Wernicke,  choreographies have been developed for Ein weiteres Beispiel für die Durchlässigkeit gewisser Grenzen at Kampnagel Hamburg ( invited to Körber Studio Junge Regie 2016), Lehman Brothers at Landestheater Linz,  Irre ( Start Off Prize ), Versuch über die Schwierigkeit nein zu sagen and Theater der Nacht at Lichthof Theater Hamburg, Schuld und Sühne at Konzert Theater Bern, Richard III for Wuppertaler Bühnen, Publikumsbeschimpfung for Klabauter Theater Hamburg, Entwurf für ein Totaltheater for the University of Music and performing Arts Graz and last Performing Porfiry at New Normal Art in Basel in collaboration with the swiss author Joël Laszlo and video artist Piet Esch.

© Image by Andrea Rufener