Vasna Aguilar is a freelance dancer and choreographer. Born in Switzerland and currently based in Berlin / Paris. As a winner of the three year Swiss Migros Cultural Scholarship Prize and supported by the Fondation Helene und Marcel Perincioli, she received her early professional training at the Hamburg Ballet school John Neumeier and at the University for the arts, Codarts. Upon her graduation as a classical dancer in 2009 and receiving her Bachelor in Contemporary Dance in 2010, she began dancing with Tanz Luzerner Theater as a Junior dancer, under the direction of Kathleen Mc Nurney. In 2012 she then joined the newly formed Dance Company Osnabrück. Since 2016 she works internationally as a freelance dancer and choreographer. Vasna has had the pleasure to dance repertoire and new creations by John Neumeier, Kevin Haigen, Pierre Lacotte, Yukichi Hattori, Georg Reischl, Olivier Py, Andre Mesquita, Heidi Vierthaler,  Mauro de Candia, Rob Fordeyn, Ersan Mondtag, Shangchi – Sun, Kinsun Chan, Susanne Linke, Thomas Noone, and others. Her choreography has been performed at Festival Avigdor Classics, Switzerland, Art Museum Thun, Switzerland, Kunstraum Bethanien Berlin, Dance Company Osnabrück, Fête de la danse, Switzerland. Since 2016 she collaborates continuously with german theater director Henri Hüster. Together they are searching for new forms between dance and theater. Work has been created for Wuppertaler Bühnen, Landestheater Linz, Konzert Theater Bern, Kampnagel Hamburg, Lichthof Theater Hamburg, Schäxpir Festival.