Vasna Aguilar is a Swiss – Mexican dancer and choreographer with a background in classical and contemporary dance, working in the free scene and state theaters.  She completed her classical training at the Hamburg Ballet School under John Neumeier and furthered her studies in contemporary dance at the Codarts University of the Arts in Rotterdam. As a young dancer she joined the Folkloric Dance Ensemble International Dans Theater Amsterdam. Subsequent engagements include Tanz Luzerner Theater, Dance Company Osnabrück. In 2016, she joined the Thomas Noone Dance Company in Barcelona before relocating to Berlin to pursue independent work. There she joined the Independent Opera Ballet of Deutsche Oper Berlin and started collaborating with artists across disciplines. As a dancer she has performed in creations by artists such as Heidi Vierthaler, Rob Fordeyn, Ersan Mondtag, Susanne Linke, Georg Reischl, Shang – Chi Sun, John Neumeier, Olivier Py, Mauro de Candia among others. In collaboration with German theater director and radio playmaker Henri Hüster she continuously creates choreographic works, investigating the interplay between literature, text and movement. This exchange continues to shape her choreographic language development and exploration of the body incorporating insights and methods from various disciplines. She regularly collaborates with Austrian theater director Felix Hafner and with Cologne based choreographer and film artist Gustavo Gomes & Co.

She is currently based in Paris. 

Photo ©Andrea Rufener

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